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Data Analytics

DATA is the King and The King-Maker

Dive Into the Future with Data Analytics

Data is omnipresent. In fact, the amount of digital data that exists is growing at a rapid rate, doubling every two years. Companies are sprawling like mushrooms after a rainy day. The competition is on an all time high. So is the Data. With the right Data you can change the course of how your business is run Hence, Harnessing the strength of big data is a necessity of the present times.
Data is on a highway. Data collected and data available are enormous in the present times. A new door of possibilities is ajar for companies who is ready to embrace the strength of Data. Consolidating the Data from the various verticals, departments, and people from a company will lead to new insights about the company’s loopholes,book of ra strengths, pain-points. The solving of this existing problems are much easier with the right Data.
And identifying the customer’s needs and behaviours with the collected data can be crucial in releasing the right product at the right time.

Data Analytics with HANSAI

Companies that endeavor to reach the pinnacle must invest their funds wisely in Data Analytics which has a vast potential to accelerate business and increase the revenue. Here at HANSAI, Data Analytics is much more than the conventional practices and methodologies that are observed in analyzing data for the success of a company. Here, it is the combination of pertinent technologies and tools coupled with programming, financial and analytical capacities, which assist companies to find pronounced solutions to their intricate snags in an easy manner.

Big Data

New opportunities are just around the corner, without Data you cannot identify them. Our Big Data solutions enables data scientists, statisticians to analyze increasing volumes of Data and tap them to find hidden opportunities and increase the overall revenue of the company. With this amount of data, Prediction of outcomes is a very easy process.


Advantages of Big Data Analytic solutions from HANSAI

Cost reduction: Big data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics can bring significant cost advantages in the realm of large data storage unlike traditional business analytics and intelligence processes by closing the gap between unprocessed data of the different departments.

Faster and better Decision Making: Speed and precisions is of paramount requirement in the process of decision making. With the speed of Hadoop and in-memory analytics, coupled with the ability to analyze new sources of data, firms are able to analyze information almost immediately – and make decisions quickly.

Rolling out of new products only after determining the needs of the customers: Thorough Analysis of the behaviours, habits, and needs of the customers through HANSAI big data solutions which help companies to develop products or services which have high market relevancy.

Energy management, Agriculture, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, politics, Fast Moving consumer goods(FMCG), Arm Forces, Entertainment and Media, Journalism, Online Markets, logistics, Gaming, Government projects, NGOs. There is no sector in the world which can’t reap the benefits of the powerful Data Analytics and Big Data Analytics.