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Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution through smart Industry 4.0 solutions

Industry 4.0 is a nomenclature used for smart manufacturing processes where automation plays a key role. The usage of this term started in Germany.
The innate nature of production is to produce more using less. Industry 4.0, a highly flexible mass production system is a combination of cloud computing, Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, cognitive computing, and data.
We intend to enable the manufacturer to take the Digital highway in line with Industry 4.0 themes to solve their innate hindrances.

Industry 4.0 advantages over Industry 3.0 and other conventional types

  • Industry 4.0 enables machineries to be controlled by cloud based remote controllers.
  • Using Internet of things to facilitate connection and communication between machines, devices, sensors, and controllers and hence create a continuous Data exchange between them.
  • We help to ensure better automation, data exchange, Cyber-physical systems, IoT, and information transparency through our Industry 4.0 process and help to create Smart Factories.
  • The cyber-physical systems is a must for a factory to be Industry 4.0 compliant. These systems have independent decision making capabilities which avoids the human errors.
  • Industry 4.0 aligned machines can predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously or self-organized logistics which react to unexpected changes in production.
  • Industry 4.0 is not bound to one factory. The main manufacturer can network with their auxiliary suppliers in order to get what they require without interfering or waiting for a protocol to be completed.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) can be increased by identifying the root cause of a problem and providing solutions then and there with the use of Industry 4.0 norms.
  • Worker safety will increase with Industry 4.0 as the robots and cyber-physical systems will take care of production, manufacturing, and assembly in hazardous environment without the involvement of Humans.

We sway by latest innovations in Technologies like Edge Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and have created a range of Solutions & Services for the “ smart factory” Transformation journey.

Industry 4.0 compliant span of services offered by HANSAI

  • Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Autonomous Machines & Smart Gateways enabling Smart Production
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Smart Plant Premises( Energy & Physical Security Management)
  • Worker Safety Management
  • Digital Operator( Smart Learning, Expert Connect)

Role of Big Data and Analytics in Industry 4.0

  • Connection between sensors and networks is made easy
  • Cloud computing and data on demand will get assistance from Big Data
  • Cyber model & memory
  • To go to the root of a problem through Data Analytics
  • Community sharing & collaboration to achieve more
  • Customization to deal with a particular, unique problem

As with big data and other business trends, the word is early adopters will be rewarded for their courageous leap into this new technology Industry 4.0.
Those who ignore this new technology of Industry 4.0 by mis-calculating the risks will become irrelevant and will be outrunned by companies which are embracing this new technology.
We have a competitive edge in Industry 4.0 as we are well versed with the auxiliary requirements of it like Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Big-Data and Automated IT systems.