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Internet of Things

Network the Unnetworked Achieve the unachieved

IOT and its infinite capabilities

Internet of Things is an ecosystem, an ecosystem like nothing else. Internet of Things broadly refers to a group of devices interconnected and communicating between themselves via internet. These devices(say sensors) are connected to a cloud with which they communicate about their surroundings(suppose temperature). This communicated data which is stored in the cloud is processed through multiple softwares. These softwares after analysing these Datas, will produce a judgement to the system( If the temperature is more than the requirement, the softwares will order the control system to reduce it or the other way round). This is a basic example but the fundamental idea remains the same whether for a simple input like temperature or complex inputs like videos etc,.
This seemingly automated system also has a window for human interference. The human users can constantly monitor the processes. If there is an erratic variation in the system and the software is unable to decide the next course of action, the user can intervene and send a rectifying signal to bring back the process on track.

Future of IOT

IoT is growing exponentially and into every possible verticals of every possible industry. Government, Production firms, Software technologies, services no sector is let out of the IoT umbrella. Physical things will come with embedded computing systems which can reap benefits from the Internet based communication. Our daily devices like refrigerator, washing machine, car will be in touch to make the life of the human easier. These daily use devices can be controlled by our Smartphones.
Currently the Industries and business sector is already benefiting from the potential of IoT.


Potential of IoT

The potential of IoT can be described in a single word; Infinite. Literally the potential of IoT is infinite. Technologists can convert their wildest imaginations into reality with the powers of IoT.

These are some of the hypothetical possibilities of IoT which in fact is absolutely possible to bring them to reality.

  • Your mirror will be able to notify you on your smartphone if the outfit you are wearing is not matching the occasion and the weather and probably can take a sneak peak into the tastes of the person you are going to meet and give you suggestions.
  • When you are about to reach your office, your car can notify your Slow PC to switch on so that you don’t have to wait on your desk cursing it.
  • Artificial implants such as pacemaker, lenses etc. can notify healthcare providers before the patient discovers a problem or a mal-function which can be vital in saving so many lives.


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  • Using our services, your devices can seamlessly interact with each other and barter DATA.
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