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Staffing Augmentation

Staff Up To Grow Fast

A great team can create a substantial upward deviance in the success graph of your ERP and ROI. HANSAI provides SAP, IT, Non IT related workforce

Highlights of our Staff Augmentation services

  • We employ a proven methodology to augment a company’s staff force who will deliver without fail wherever they are deployed.
  • This augmented Staff force are geared up to meet all your requirements in an efficient and an effective manner.
  • We analyse your requirements and scrutinize before sending you the team or an individual consultant.
  • Immediate requirements are fulfilled with ease: Whether it is an individual consultant or a whole team of experts.

IT workforce

There is no term called sufficient or enough for an IT team. The workforce requirement in the IT sector is varying and continuous in nature. The skills required also changes for each teams. We offer workforce who are skilled in the following:SAP, Dot net, Java, oracle, Devops, big data, Hadoop, Internet of Things, C#, C++, network security, information security, Amazon Web Services, azure cloud, PHP, Pega, QA analysts, Business Analysts and other relevant domains


Non IT workforce

The IT force should be backed by a professional Non IT workforce. The demand of Non IT work force is also varying in nature. So we offer workforce who are highly skilled in Finance, accounting, Sales, Marketing, Production Engineering, Business Development.

SAP workforce

SAP workforce is a continuous requirement if your business is running on SAP.

  • Acquire a full SAP implementation team or an Individual consultant as per your business requirements.
  • Our SAP workforce team are well skilled and versed in taking care of eternally demanding SAP requirements
  • They become an integral part of the existing team
  • We also cater for immediate demands of SAP workforce

Staffing Augmentation is a great way to drive a surge in the overall skill levels of a company without spending a bomb.